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Careers in the Sea

We’ve been invited to show off our photos and Pash’s fused glass jewellery at the Sealife Centre on October 18th. The event is a “careers evening” where people will turn up hoping to find out about all the possible avenues into a career in oceanographic industries, whether that be photography and videography, conservation, scuba diving or tourism in general. This is the place to find people who have done these things before and have an idea where to start.

https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/careers-evening-at-sea-life-brighton-tickets-37416322227Of course, the acryllic and aluminium prints we make are very long lasting, gallery quality items and we dont expect to make any sales at a careers evening but, every now and then, it’s good to show off what we do and often folk will take away a souvenir card or smaller paper print.

This year, Pash is taking her marine-themed fused glass jewellery too. Again it’s an opportunity to show some of the varied careers, or at least pasttimes, that are linked to the aquatic environment. A proportion of our profits at these events always goes towards a marine charity so we’ll have to decide who that’s going to be this year!

If you fancy coming along to say hello and see who else is around… even if you just want a free visit to the sealife centre, grab a ticket here:

Get free tickets here


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