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Unique Fused Glass

Pash is rather creative and she’s started creating fused glass objects. Everything from necklaces and earrings to bespoke trophies for competitions. Our dining room is dominated by a 1 metre square glass firing kiln which is, I admit, an unconventional location. The dining table is where she cuts and grinds these works of art into …

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What is a histogram? A histogram is a graphical representation of a series of values. They have plenty of uses outside photography but the histogram which your camera shows is used to graphically represent the tones in an image. If your camera has a histogram function, and most of them do these days, it’s worth making …

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architecture technique

Natural History Museum

This is very much a work in progress but I’ve seen a couple of photographs of the Main Hall of the Natural History Museum In London which have really inspired me. One such image was by a chap called Michael Walker-Toye. When I visited recently, I didn’t get too long to consider what I was doing, …

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