macro nature technique

Garden Weeds

I had to wait a while before I finally found a dandelion in the garden in a state it could be photographed.The garden is not free of other weeds to photograph but it was a dandelion I was specifically looking for. It was a sunny day so the light was harsh but it also meant …

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macro nature technique underwater

Selsey Scorpions

A break in the poor weather and an invitation from my friend Nick to join him for a dive in Selsey was too good to miss. The visibility in the chilly, early-morning water was around 1-2 metres so quite adequate for macro photography, especially with the snoot I was intending to use… This DIY job …

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macro splash studio technique

Splash Progress

I sacrificed a couple of hours of much needed sleep to set up my drip-stand again, this time with the intention of playing around with the lighting a little more. I set up one of the strobes I normally use underwater (Inon Z240) to fire at the same time as the flash unit (Canon 430EZ). …

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macro technique underwater

Nudibranchs at Dawn

The alarm clock went off half an hour later than planned this morning but luckily I’d prepped all my dive and camera kit the night before. The plan was to dive in Selsey, under the lifeboat station and despite the slight chop and the early start, many others were diving too! Last weekend, I missed …

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