Fibre Snoots

A discussion on facebook about snoots has prompted me to write this blog entry regarding the fibre-snoot that I made for myself. For those not aware what a snoot is, it’s a contraption which shapes the light used when taking a photo. To explain further, I’ve created a Gallery which shows how I made the snoot and …

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macro splash studio technique

French Crown

Winter’s a great time for indoor photography so I set up my DIY drip photo contraption again – in the spare room this time. Pash wasn’t ecstatic to see I’d pushed all her computer equipment to one side of her desk but I persuaded her it was all in a good cause! Please share…

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nature technique underwater

Egg Laying Squid

I run the risk of getting boring by publishing another squid picture (see my last post) but I was really blown away by the activity I saw that day in Ambon.. The animals weren’t frightened and they carried on much as they would’ve if we weren’t there. Please share…

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landscape nature

Chilly Horses

As some of you might be aware, it snowed last week here in the UK. Not big snow like Canada or Norway but enough for the country to grind to a halt. I had to work from home which had the side-benefit of allowing me to get out in the snow and take a few …

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nature underwater

Ambon Squid

Ambon is one of the Maluku islands of Indonesia and forms part of a chain of volcanic islands surrounding the Banda Sea – home to some fabulous marine life. Sixteen of us – mostly BSoUP members – stayed with Maluku Divers in Ambon for two weeks in November. Now there’s an awful lot of garbage …

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architecture technique

Natural History Museum

This is very much a work in progress but I’ve seen a couple of photographs of the Main Hall of the Natural History Museum In London which have really inspired me. One such image was by a chap called Michael Walker-Toye. When I visited recently, I didn’t get too long to consider what I was doing, …

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model underwater

Macmillan Underwater Coffee Morning

I’ve been occupied with things other than photography this year but we went to Nuweiba, Egypt in September. Towards the top of The Red Sea in the Gulf of Aqaba lies Nuweiba, about an hour and a half drive north from Sharm-El-Sheik Airport. I’d been once before and this looked like it’d be the last …

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macro studio technique

Table Tops

I’ve been listening to a “tabletop product” photography online course run by CreativeLive. This company is based in Seattle and they generously broadcast free photography courses on a regular basis via the internet. With the time difference it means staying up way past a sensible bed-time in order to watch but I’ve picked up lots of …

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nature technique underwater

Dappled Light

I’ve been attempting to “tidy up” my library of photos and of course, in the process I’ve come across several images that I really like but haven’t shown before. As mentioned in an earlier blog post, I spent a week in Djibouti earlier this year with the intention of diving with and photographing whalesharks under …

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competition macro nature technique underwater

BSoUP Splash-In

This year’s BSoUP, British Underwater Photography Championship took place in Plymouth at the weekend. Thirty eight people registered as participants with rules stating that submitted images needed to be taken between Friday night and 6pm on Saturday when the judging would start. Seven of us chartered a boat (UK National) to dive off-shore and we headed …

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