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Burling Gap

After spending some time on Brighton Beach with some good friends, taking pictures of the old West Pier, I thought I’d take them to Burling Gap near Beachy Head for the sunset. Admittedly, it was a little overcast and the clouds weren’t terribly dramamtic but it’s still been possible to create some drama in the …

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Stalking Storks

Widewater Lagoon is in Shoreham, near Brighton and it’s a great location for bird-watching. We went with the intention of feeding bread to the birds as the sun went down but a sign informed us how cruel we’d be if we did so! Well, suitably disappointed by this news, we decided not to stay too …

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landscape nature sunset technique

Brighton Gold

As the sun sank towards the horizon, I spotted a couple on one of the enormous breakwaters near the Marina in Brighton. The sky was lighting up with an orange-red tinge and since there were no clouds, dark shadows were being created everywhere.

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Tramps at Sunset

We drove into Brighton along the seafront road with the intention of getting to a point where I could get shots of either of the two piers in the sunset. Unfortunately, as is often the case in Brighton, the traffic was against me! I made it only about as far as the West Pier before …

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