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Last Light at Selsey

Selsey lifeboat station has been a landmark on the south coast for many decades but it recently came to the end of it’s useful life. To accommodate a modern, trailer-launched lifeboat, the old structure has now been removed, including anything that might’ve caused a hazard to the new boat. It was a controversial move but …

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stars technique tutorial

Astro Photography Tutorial

As a kid I was always fascinated by the night sky and these days, I’m obsessed with taking photos of the stars. Although I live in the UK where there’s changeable weather and a lot of light-pollution, I’ve found it’s still possible to capture images of the Milky Way. I’ve shared quite a few Astro …

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landscape stars technique

Derelict and Spooky

So, I bought myself a remote shutter release and intervalometer! I thought, what better way of doing long night-time exposures to capture star-trails. To be honest, I hadn’t researched it much – I just wanted to have a go at star trails! Some time ago a friend at work had told me of an old …

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