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Oban Road Trip

We’ve come up to Oban on the west coast of Scotland for a week of diving (and hopefully sunshine)

After a very early start and an 11 hour road trip, only stopping for breakfast at Tebay Truck Stop, we arrived at Puffin Dive Centre. We met Mike, the owner who gave us an idea of what we might find off the sheltered beach and, since the sun was shining, we decided to go for a quick dip.

The water’s only 13degrees celcius here so it’s definitely drysuit temperature… but my Whites drysuit and fourth-element “Halo” undersuit are doing their jobs very well.

Even though our first “checkout” dive was only 40 mins total, it still proved quite productive… the first thing we saw was a cute octopus that had set up home just off the slipway – no more than 5 metres from the beach… not something we expected!

Other than that, the gradually sloping bottom had a good amount of kelp, loads of crabs especially hermit crabs,some small pollack and some large shrimp… all of which were willing to pose for us…

Here are some of the photos from that first dive.

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