G-Tech Hard drive review

The G Drive ev RaW Hard Disk

Back in 2015, I was kindly given, by the guys at G-Technology, a G Drive ev RaW1TB external hard drive in exchange for an image that they used on an advertising banner.

External hard-drives are hugely important when it comes to travelling abroad with a laptop, especially a laptop which has limited internal storage capacity, so we put it to use straight-away. I was keen to do a proper field-test before giving any sort of review hence it’s now 2 years on…

So now, having tested it on numerous trips, I can safely say that it’s performed admirably! Considering it’s a standard hard-drive rather than an SSD, it’s withstood the rigors of travel all over the world. It came with a rubberised protective sleeve which not only protects it if you drop it or drop something on it but it also prevents it sliding around all over the place if you’re on a boat. Even moving gear from one location to another is made a bit easier when your hard drive “sticks” to the top of your laptop… It makes it so much easier and is well worth considering, even if you have to create one for your own hard-drive.

It’s USB3.0 connection and 7200RPM spin-speed makes it perfectly usable as a primary storage device for photos. There are no extra power-cables required and there’s even a light on it to tell you when it has power… a good indication that you’ve not shut your laptop down fully!

We’ve had zero problems with this G-drive and, although we only use it when we’re on holiday to backup our photos, it’s become a permanent feature of our luggage that we’d be reluctant to travel without.

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