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French Crown

Winter’s a great time for indoor photography so I set up my DIY drip photo contraption again – in the spare room this time.

Pash wasn’t ecstatic to see I’d pushed all her computer equipment to one side of her desk but I persuaded her it was all in a good cause!

French Crown

This time, my aim was to create a crown shape and involve multiple colours.

When I used water in the past, the results have looked a little… erm, well… “watery”… a bit washed out and a little glass like. I like these sculptures when they’re done well but I always seem to have trouble setting the lighting up properly. I believe, I need much more diffuse light so a nice big softbox may well be the answer, although I cant picture how I’d get it close enough to light things up properly.

Anyway, I figured I’d use milk to get the molten plastic kind of look I was after. I dropped the milk from about 40-50 cm onto a sheet of black acrylic that I’d acquired at a local plastics shop (No, I don’t have any idea how such a business has managed to keep going when the likes of Jessops and Blockbuster have gone bust!). Perhaps I should buy some more black acrylic sheets whilst I can?!

I’ve used blue and red food colouring to create the picture here. It’s not the “cleanest” of images but I got so fed up wiping down the surface after each shot that I ran a few off each time. It just so happens that this was one that pleased me most.

They say a magician never reveals his secrets so I’ll keep a few of my methods to myself, like how I get the seperate colours. It’s nothing to do with image manipulation and I could definitely do better but what’s the fun of producing a perfect image first time!? Most of the enjoyment in this kind of photography is the practice and the random nature of the results. No two images are ever the same!

Hope you like the image.

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