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Chilly Horses

As some of you might be aware, it snowed last week here in the UK. Not big snow like Canada or Norway but enough for the country to grind to a halt.

I had to work from home which had the side-benefit of allowing me to get out in the snow and take a few pictures at lunchtime. Pash and I drove up to Devil’s Dyke – a high spot near Brighton from which one can take in scenic vistas of the South Downs and the towns along the coast. The snow made the roads treacherous and there were definitely no scenic vistas – in fact we were out of the car only for about 10 minutes before the chilling wind made us retreat!

Winter Horses on Devils Dyke

We noticed several horses in several fields, looking rather chilly despite their draughty, blanket type coats. (Do they make woolly hats for horses? They should.. I reckon that’s another idea for Dragons Den)

The bright snow and the cold didn’t cause the camera any problems but snow on the lens was an issue… once it’s there, it’s rather difficult to get rid of it without creating smears, especially with big gloves on. Pointing the camera so the lens is not facing into the wind was the best approach but this of course limited the positions from which I could take photos. I used the lens-hood, normally there to prevent strong light bouncing around the inside of the lens, and that certainly helped keep the snow off.

Here’s a picture of some horses that were doing something. We saw 3 others that were stood standing at the edge of a field, all staring off in the same direction into the (completely white) middle distance. They looked rather unsociable to be honest so I didn’t take their photos. I like this image because of the plain white background. It’s much easier with snow, obviously but I also increased the exposure a little in order to make the snow even brighter, enhancing the whiteness of the whole scene.

I’m aware that one horse is facing away… I did click and neigh at it a bit to try to get it’s attention but I guess it was more interested in it’s food. Hey! – that’s horses for you!

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  1. I worry about these horses – saw them in freezing rain huddled up together. You’d think some shelter wouldn’t be a problem

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