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Macmillan Underwater Coffee Morning

I’ve been occupied with things other than photography this year but we went to Nuweiba, Egypt in September. Towards the top of The Red Sea in the Gulf of Aqaba lies Nuweiba, about an hour and a half drive north from Sharm-El-Sheik Airport. I’d been once before and this looked like it’d be the last chance we’d get to go and visit our friends Chris and Jenna who are running the Emperor Divers operation there at the Hilton Resort Hotel. Chris and Jenna are shutting down the operation in mid November due to a lack of business. A real shame because it’s a fantastic destination for those wishing to learn and for those, like me, wanting to practice their underwater photography!

Underwater coffee morning

This year’s trip coincided with the Macmillan Coffee Morning event which was being organised at various locations around the world.

Our good friend Nicki Bauckham, a manager for Macmillan in the UK suggested an underwater event whilst we were on holiday. The picture here is one of the better ones I managed. I learned while making this photo that its very difficult to organise even just 5 people into a position with some symmetry and where everyone is looking at the camera!

Those who take photos of weddings, graduations and other events are very lucky to be able to use their voices to coordinate their subjects. Trying to do it using hand signals is not easy, especially once the strobes have fired once and everyone’s attention is elsewhere. It’s also very difficult to ask someone to “say cheese” when underwater. Perhaps next time I’ll have a piece of cheese drawn on a waterproof board so I can hold it up at the right moment!

Craig, pictured here 2nd from right, completed the final parts of his PADI open water diver course with me whilst we were in Nuweiba. He’s now a fully fledged diver, hopefully to join us on some dives in the UK and perhaps some other dive-courses too!! Congratulations Craig!

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