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Dappled Light

I’ve been attempting to “tidy up” my library of photos and of course, in the process I’ve come across several images that I really like but haven’t shown before.

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, I spent a week in Djibouti earlier this year with the intention of diving with and photographing whalesharks under the instruction of renowned underwater photographer and author, Martin Edge.
Martin’s Book Is Well Worth Checking Out… There’s A Link To The Book On Amazon Here.

Dappled Light on a Shallow Reef

It turned out that we only needed snorkelling gear for our encounters with the whalesharks but since we’d taken dive gear, it seemed rude not to do a dive or two.

There was a shallow reef near where our boat was moored and an early morning dive meant the sun would be low in the sky.

When the sun is in a low position, it tends to create a rippling, dappled light effect when you look up at the surface with beams of sunlight coming down through the water. In itself, this is fantastic to see but when there’s an interesting subject in the foreground, the rays of light can enhance the colours and interest and produce some amazing patterns

I took the image you see here at 8am. The sun had JUST come over the top of the mountain ridge in the east and was creating the dappled light I was wanting. I swam about a bit and tried the technique on several coral bommies but in the image here, the fish almost seemed to be attracted to the light and as they repeatedly gathered and dispersed, I took several photos. This was my favourite since the composition of the coral, the fish and the light all seemed to come together.

I’ve created a Whaleshark Gallery for the Djibouti trip but I’ve not shown these reef images before.

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