macro studio technique

Table Tops

I’ve been listening to a “tabletop product” photography online course run by CreativeLive. This company is based in Seattle and they generously broadcast free photography courses on a regular basis via the internet. With the time difference it means staying up way past a sensible bed-time in order to watch but I’ve picked up lots of …

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nature technique underwater

Dappled Light

I’ve been attempting to “tidy up” my library of photos and of course, in the process I’ve come across several images that I really like but haven’t shown before. As mentioned in an earlier blog post, I spent a week in Djibouti earlier this year with the intention of diving with and photographing whalesharks under …

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competition macro nature technique underwater

BSoUP Splash-In

This year’s BSoUP, British Underwater Photography Championship took place in Plymouth at the weekend. Thirty eight people registered as participants with rules stating that submitted images needed to be taken between Friday night and 6pm on Saturday when the judging would start. Seven of us chartered a boat (UK National) to dive off-shore and we headed …

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macro nature technique

Garden Weeds

I had to wait a while before I finally found a dandelion in the garden in a state it could be photographed.The garden is not free of other weeds to photograph but it was a dandelion I was specifically looking for. It was a sunny day so the light was harsh but it also meant …

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