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College HDR


Lancing College
Lancing College – Single Image

Lancing college is just up the road from me in Brighton and on a whim, on a hot sunny day, my better half and I went along to see what it was like for photography.
The college had been recommended by a facebook friend and I was impressed with the photo he’d taken so I wanted to see what I could do.
Since I’ve also seen and enjoyed a number of high-dynamic-range images on 500px.com, I decided I’d work on my HDR skills in the amazing college chapel.


I’m posting 2 images this time. The first is one of 9 images, each taken using a slightly different shutter speed (with the camera mounted on a tripod!) which I combined to create the second image shown here.

Lancing College
Lancing College – HDR image

I downloaded a trial of Nik Software’s HDR Efex Pro Application and used that with my 9 images.
I was surprised that there weren’t more options such as those I’d seen in Photoshop HDR Pro but I soon realised that, even without them, I could generate loads of different images.

The main problem I had in this case was where to stop… Since I didn’t have a final image in mind, I chose something which I thought was dramatic, yet still somewhat realistic.

The idea with HDR is to show detail in the shadow areas and the highlight areas within the same photo. It’s something I know Alex Mustard is investigating underwater, so far with some interesting results. I hope at some point, I’ll have the opportunity to have a go at the same kind of thing.

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