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Splash Art

It’s something that I’ve had a go at in the past (with limited success) and I’ve wanted to try again with some more control so I obtained a “drip kit” from a local government contact I have, I constructed myself a wooden frame and I had an electronics timer built by a brilliant engineer I know.

I started dripping water into bowls of water to get a “spike” of water rising from the bowl. To freeze the action, there were two options. Have the camera triggered by the timer unit and use a very high shutter speed or, have a seperate flash fired by the timer. I chose the latter since it had been recommended, plus, I knew that the flash duration was far quicker than any shutter speed my camera could come up with.

blue and red splash
splash crown

Following some success with the spike photos, I inverted the bowl to try creating “crowns” which are the result of much shallower water. Really, I was playing around with the timer, making sure I could get the shapes I was after. It was clear that I could but I needed to get some better lighting since my images lacked colour.

After some experimentation, I found that the water tended to take on the colour of whatever was surrounding it so I started propping up bits of coloured paper, etc. This too proved somewhat successful although it was clear I needed more practice.

Finally, that evening, I started playing around with milk and food colouring. I guess milk by itself would’ve been fine.

The image you can see here is the result of blue and red food colouring in milk, on a shallow saucer, with a “snooted” flash (where the spread of the light from the flash is limited by bits of cardboard). I’ve cheated a little in that I’ve enhanced the dark edges to the point where nothing else is visible but I’m hoping, when I get another chance to use my drip-kit, I’ll be able to improve my lighting.

More Splash Images From This And My Previous Attempt (Without The Timer Kit) Can Be Seen Here.

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