macro splash studio technique

Splash Art

It’s something that I’ve had a go at in the past (with limited success) and I’ve wanted to try again with some more control so I obtained a “drip kit” from a local government contact I have, I constructed myself a wooden frame and I had an electronics timer built by a brilliant engineer I …

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landscape model nature technique

Yellow Fields and Models

I wanted to make good use of the yellow fields of rapeseed which I was shooting the other week (see my 7th April blog entry) and I decided that the addition of a model would be interesting. Actually, I had been planning a shot like this for a couple of years, ever since the poppies …

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landscape stars technique

Derelict and Spooky

So, I bought myself a remote shutter release and intervalometer! I thought, what better way of doing long night-time exposures to capture star-trails. To be honest, I hadn’t researched it much – I just wanted to have a go at star trails! Some time ago a friend at work had told me of an old …

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