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Burling Gap

After spending some time on Brighton Beach with some good friends, taking pictures of the old West Pier, I thought I’d take them to Burling Gap near Beachy Head for the sunset.

Admittedly, it was a little overcast and the clouds weren’t terribly dramamtic but it’s still been possible to create some drama in the resulting images with a little manipulation.

Sunset at Burling Gap

I took a LOT of images so choosing my favourites was rather tricky. Some of the images were easy to reject – I removed all the out of focus ones and any where tripod legs or people were in the way. Second, I rejected images where the sky was too bright or the stones too dark.

The position of the cliffs in the picture was also important. Not too much, not too little and a reasonable curve to draw the eye towards the end of the cliffs.

I ended up choosing this picture because of the rock in the foreground which gives a little extra “interest”.

Like I say, I’ve done a bit of manipulation on this image – I’ve increased the colours and boosted the contrast and I’ve also brightened the cliffs. The weather really wasnt doing me any favours so I’m hoping to re-visit on a day when the sunset is more spectacular! I tend to learn more from doing than from reading a book so, I’m happy to say I learnt quite a lot on this outing.
Just for interest the camera settings were f/9.0, ISO 100, 4 second exposure. I was using my wide-angle 10-22mm lens set at 16mm.

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