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Yellow and Blue

Had a bit of time today so I thought I’d explore, to find out where might be the best (and safest) place from which to take a picture of the lovely rape-seed which has come into flower on the side of devil’s dyke near Brighton.

The issue really is that the best vantage point to capture the regimented lines in the field turns out to be the middle of the dual carriageway!


Well, after a bit of driving around, and a considerable walk, I discovered an opportunity and the image here is one of about 30 I took before I chickened out and made it back to the safety of the public footpath!

Since I had a bit more time, I thought I’d explore some other shots of this field of yellow so I headed back to the car and drove up to the top of the Dyke where I was able to see the sea in the background.

Not wishing to get too much in the way of “industrial Brighton” in my nature image, I had to crouch or stand on verges to get what I wanted.
If you have a look at the gallery I’ve created, you’ll see the sky was rather overcast so I’ve boosted the contrast of some images to emphasise it.

Next sunny day we get, I’ll head back to the same place to see if I can get some more intense blues behind the yellow flowers.

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