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Stalking Storks

Widewater Lagoon is in Shoreham, near Brighton and it’s a great location for bird-watching. We went with the intention of feeding bread to the birds as the sun went down but a sign informed us how cruel we’d be if we did so!

Well, suitably disappointed by this news, we decided not to stay too long. There weren’t that many birds around anyway (probably because they weren’t being fed!) so we didn’t feel TOO hard done by!

As we drove away from the site, I spotted a heron type bird (bird identification is not my forte) wading in the shallow water. I abandoned the car, scrambled down the grassy bank and got as close as I dared.

Stork meal

I fired off shots whenever I felt the bird was nicely lit by the late-afternoon sun. I was disappointed the bird wasnt facing INTO the sun but I guess that wouldve made it’s task of searching for fish more difficult.

The other thing I noticed was the bird was clearly watching something in the water so I anticipated it would strike pretty soon. Luckily, I was right and by waiting for the right moment, with the camera in position, I was able to get a number of shots of a poor fish’s demise!
I took this picture using my 18-200mm lens and I’ve cropped it to ensure the fish in the beak shows up in the small image here. The only way I could’ve got closer would have involved getting my feet wet!

Hmmm – maybe I’ll invest in a pair of waders!

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