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Brighton Photo Opportunities

I headed out last evening to meet up with a friend who was planning to create time-lapse photos overlooking Brighton as evening fell and the lights came on.

The Daddy-Long-Legs pier foundations in Brighton

I left him setting up equipment on the upper level of the Marina car-park and headed down to the beach where I’d seen some exposed rocks running along the shore.

Predicting a nice sunset due to the reasonably clear sky, I wanted to capture the scene with my ND500 filter – a neutral density, 10 stop filter which I knew I could use to smooth out the water whilst the sun was still high in the sky.

I used the exposed rocks to provide a lead-in line for the image, my intention being to guide the viewer’s eye towards the details in the distance… In this case, the Palace Pier – a thriving hub of activity and entertainment and a notable Brighhton landmark.

The ND filter worked well, although it created some vignetting (darkening around the edges of the image).
My thoughts on examining this image futher… I’d like to try getting much more foreground detail.. the pebbles on the beach are also a well known feature of Brighton and the texture they’d introduce in the foreground, I feel, may increase the overall appeal

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