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Brighton Gold

As the sun sank towards the horizon, I spotted a couple on one of the enormous breakwaters near the Marina in Brighton. The sky was lighting up with an orange-red tinge and since there were no clouds, dark shadows were being created everywhere.

A Golden Handshake

I took the opportunity to photograph this couple using my long lens (18-200mm) with the golden colours of the sun reflected in the sea.

I fired off a number of shots before noticing the repetitive, dark lines of surf in the water. I waited for a moment when the couple were not being disected by this line before firing off a few more shots.

Of course, candid shots like this rely on a good deal of luck and the image which “works” is often not the most technically perfect image.
I ended up choosing this image from the 10 or so I shot because of the position of the couple and the well-defined silhouette that the two of them created against the sea.

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