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Tramps at Sunset

Bandstand at Sunset
Brighton Bandstand at Sunset

We drove into Brighton along the seafront road with the intention of getting to a point where I could get shots of either of the two piers in the sunset. Unfortunately, as is often the case in Brighton, the traffic was against me!

I made it only about as far as the West Pier before I decided to change plan and park up. Part of the reason was a large flock of seaguls gathering on the rusting metal structure. Well, I got a few shots from the prom using my 18-200mm lens but frankly I wasn’t really enthusiastic with the results… A flock of birds, in the distance, with no real formation or pattern to them is not terribly appealing.

Tramp at Sunset
Watching the Sunset

As the sun dipped further, I had to take all the opportunities I could to capture the sunset.

Since there were people determined to be in my picture. I figured I would remove the offenders from my final images by cleverly merging similar photographs (where the person was in different positions in each) so I took even more pictures than normal of seemingly the same scene! Wow! what a lot of photos to go through on the computer!
In the end, I liked the look of the one shown here.

The guy here looked so dishevelled and bored, he inspired me to start a new collection of photos which I’m calling “tramps at sunset”.

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