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Sheffield Park, near Haywards Heath is a National Trust property with several lakes and hundreds of beautiful old trees.

It’s a tranquil place with lots of photo opportunities. We’ve had a pretty good start to the year in terms of weather and the trees are showing plenty of colour already.

Sheffield Park Reflections

My aim in the photo here is to show the reflections of the trees, and the nice blue sky. The sky is perhaps a little washed out but I feel thats mainly because the sun was over to my left rather than behind me…not an ideal position for blue skies. However, the sun in the position it was has brought out more texture in the trees by creating shadows. It’s also created a faint golden glow to the image.

The scene really deserves a panoramic image showing the architectural bridge to the right and the stately manor house itself off to the left. However, I am rather pleased with this image as it is – the trees have good colour, the water is still enough to give a decent reflection and the tree branches above-left and the grasses below-right tend to frame the subject nicely

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