Horsey HDR

Devil’s Dyke isn’t too far to travel from Brighton. When I headed that way I was aiming just to catch a breath of fresh air, ponder the view from the top and perhaps take a few snaps. On the return journey, we spotted a few horses in a field and decided to stop. Animals can make great subjects and I was pleased with some of the images I got since the light was in the right place to cast a nice orangey glow.

HDR Horse
HDR Horse

When I got the images home, I decided that the sky looked a little washed out behind the horse and so I started playing about with HDR (High Dynamic Range). The normal idea with HDR is to blend together several pictures of the same scene which have been taken with different exposure settings.
In doing so, a greater amount (“higher range”) of light-information is available for manipulation.
The way the information is manipulated is purely personal choice and I’ve chosen, in this image to emphasise the texture of the horse’s skin as well as recovering details of the cloudy sky which weren’t visible in the original photograph.

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